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Exchanges: A Key to Customer Satisfaction for Vanessa Wu

"Online exchanges were a frequent request from our customers. Elyn allowed us to easily implement a robust return portal with automated exchanges!" explains Gwendoline Vieira, E-Commerce Director of Vanessa Wu.

Refunds Avoided by Converting Returns into Exchanges
Processing Time Addressing Customer Return Related Request

Vanessa Wu is a family brand of women's footwear and accessories that stands out with a promise: an impeccable customer experience.

Its first conversion lever? Word of mouth!

Vanessa Wu's team turned to Elyn to meet a growing demand from its customers: the ability to make exchanges online.

Exchanges: Increasingly Demanded from Customers

Since customer satisfaction is a priority at Vanessa Wu, the brand was already offering alternatives to refunds, such as the option to make an online return for a voucher.

However, managing returns was time-consuming, and one request from customers was becoming increasingly frequent: the ability to make exchanges online.

The season of sales, in particular, highlighted this need.

"The promotional period turned out to be a critical time. Customers sometimes ended up with discounted items that did not fit their size, and faced a refund that came too late, missing the opportunity to repurchase at the same price," Gwendoline Vieira, E-Commerce Director.

The Challenges of Managing Returns

The Vanessa Wu support team spent considerable time handling returns manually: order entries, manual refunds, a constant need for synchronization with logistics, and back-and-forth to find order information...

Between manually creating labels, executing refunds, and generating store credits, the process was evidently tedious.

Elyn Integration: Meeting Customer Expectations

Vanessa Wu responded by implementing Elyn's return solution: a luxury-grade return portal, connected in real-time to warehouse inventories, enabling customers to request an online exchange autonomously.

Beyond the positive impact on Vanessa Wu's customers, the implementation of exchanges allowed the brand to reduce its refund rate by -32% by converting returns into exchanges.

Automating Exchanges with Elyn: A Time Saver for the Vanessa Wu Team

The automation of returns and exchanges by Elyn has greatly simplified the management of returns for Vanessa Wu's teams, which was previously time-consuming and complex.

Now, refunds, credits, and exchanges, as well as the generation of return labels are fully automated.

The Vanessa Wu team also has access to a sophisticated return analysis tool, allowing real-time visibility on return rates, reasons for returns, and return modalities.

The implementation of Elyn has thus enabled Vanessa Wu to leverage three major factors:

  • Customer experience
  • Profitability of returns
  • Automation of operations & real-time visibility

Reduce your refund rate and automate your exchanges.

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Discover why leading brands trust Elyn for returns excellence.