Instant Exchanges

Allow your customers to make a lightning fast exchange, without blocking any stock

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Instant Exchanges
vs Classic Exchanges

Elyn provides two options:

With a classic exchange, the brand will only ship the new item once the initial item has been sent back by the customer, received and controlled by logistics.

With an instant exchange, the brand will directly ship the new item without waiting for the customer to send the initial item back. The customer is however required to fill their credit card details, and will be debited if they fail to send the initial item back.

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Speed Up the Process

Speed up customer exchanges, cut waiting times, and deliver super-fast solutions.

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Make Exchanges Easy

Optimize exchanges, making them more convenient and speedier than the refund process.

A lightning-fast experience

With Instant Exchanges, the customer receives their new item much quicker than if they had to get a refund and re-order, and quicker than a classic exchange.

For the customer, being able to get the right fit instantly is a premium online shopping experience, as close to an in-store experience as it gets.

By providing instant exchanges, you foster a customer-focused atmosphere that promotes repeat purchases. Customers with positive exchange encounters tend to place trust in your brand and remain devoted shoppers.

Elyn SaaS preview
Elyn SaaS preview

Adapt to any customer’s needs

By providing choices between refunds, vouchers, classic exchanges and instant exchanges, brands equipped with Elyn can cover the needs of any customer.

Your customers can autonomously choose the perfect outcome for their return without needing customer support help.

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