Workflows & Automation

Tailor your return experience with your unique policies thanks to Elyn’s highly adaptable workflows

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Replicate your unique policies

Elyn enables brand to replicate their policies.

Easily configure preferred return methods, make returns free or not depending on countries, return methods, client segments...

Elyn’s workflows are designed to allow brands to personalise the return experience as they see fit, and adapt to your specificities.

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Your exact policies

Elyn enables brands to implement their specific policies.

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Plug & Play

Defining policies is a simple setting, once implemented, you’re good to go !

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Highly Adaptable

Elyn’s workflows can adapt to any policy, and be changed easily at any time

Reward your loyal customers

With Workflows, you can customize your return policy to cater to different customer segments.

Extend return windows for VIP customers or provide free returns as a perk for loyalty program members.

Elyn SaaS preview
Elyn SaaS preview

Automate return controls

With Elyn, you have the flexibility to set specific conditions for automatic approval of return controls, which means you don’t have to control every single return anymore.

Brands using Elyn only manually control non-conform returns, but you can of course opt-in for manual controls if that fits your operations better.

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