Try Before You Buy solution

A new shopping experience, better than online, and better than in-store.

Our Partner Brands using Elyn’s Try Before You Buy module

Because great products deserve to be experienced

When shopping online, customers cannot to try and feel your products, resulting in decision-making friction and cart abandonment.

Elyn allows customers to physically interact with your product, creating a prime moment to showcase your items.

Merchants who use our Try Before You Buy service:
• Increase their conversion rate by up to +30%.
• Increase their average order value by up to +20%.

“Being a 100% digital brand was a hindrance to customers wanting to try on our items, especially as our products are in a premium price range.

Since we implemented Elyn’s Try Before You Buy solution our conversion rate increased by 22%!”

Juliette Petit
Co-founder of Nénés Paris

What an Elyn order looks like

Step 1: The customer selects their items and confirms their shopping cart
Exactly like in a regular order, except the customer is not charged yet. The purchasing decision is deferred to a later time, allowing the customer to try your product at home and decide if they want to keep it.

Step 2: The customer has 5 days to return items they don’t wish to keep
Elyn customers have a shorter return window of 5 days instead of the usual 14. The terms and policies are crystal clear, and reminders are sent regularly to the customer.

Step 3: The customer is only charged for the kept items. Payment is guaranteed by Elyn.
Elyn's model is geared towards your success: our fee is based on kept articles only. Elyn guarantees payment no matter what happens.

Perfectly connected to your tech stack

Elyn integrates seamlessly with your entire Tech Stack, from your CMS to your carriers, logistician, OMS, ERP...

Why sell with Elyn?

No hidden fees

Elyn is aligned with your growth and succeeds when you do.

Fully customizable

Personalize Elyn to match your brand. Customizable visuals, return policies, exchange policies, and more.

Plug and play

We deploy the solution in a couple of hours, with no setup fees.

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