Unlocking growth with all the data you need about your returns

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Data-driven return strategy

Elyn's state-of-the-art return analytics dashboard makes your returns data come to life, with actionable insights that offer real-time visibility into all aspects of your return process.

Brands using Elyn easily identify if an item has a recurring size issue, and can act quickly.

Gain insights into how requested return resolutions and reasons compare to actual processed returns.

Track transaction types, revenue, and return methods over time to ensure your returns align with your expectations.

Elyn SaaS preview
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Product feedback

Easily understand if an item has a recurring issue

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Track your KPIs

Get real-time visibility on your return economics

Reveal the impact of returns on your business

With Elyn's Insights, gain a comprehensive view of your returns' performance, including the revenue retained through exchanges and trends that reflect the impact of enhancements to your return processes and overall experience.

Leverage data effectively to maintain efficient and budget-conscious operations.

Evaluate the influence of returns on your bottom line by monitoring revenue across various resolutions and acquiring insights into the role of efficient returns in revenue growth.

Elyn transforms returns into a valuable data source, aiding in return rate reduction, revenue optimization, and competitive advantage

Elyn SaaS preview
Elyn SaaS preview

Returned items analysis

Discover which products are the most returned and the reasons behind them, providing valuable insights into customer behavior.

By understanding the triggers for returns (sizing, quality, or other factors) you can pinpoint issues to enhance customer satisfaction and lower return rates.

Accessing precise data allows you to proactively reduce unnecessary returns and align better with your customers' expectations from the outset.

Leverage Elyn’s insights to gain a comprehensive view of which products experience higher return rates and why, track the frequency of product exchanges, and monitor your product performance trends over time.

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