Enable your customers to get a bonified voucher instead of a refund. A win-win outcome for a return !

Bonified Vouchers

As an alternative to a plain refund, customers can request a voucher via Elyn’s Return Interface.

Brands can decide to apply a bonification to vouchers, and add a cap.

For instance, a voucher can represent the returned item’s value + 10%, in the limit of 20€.

Applying a bonification creates a true incentive for choosing a voucher versus a plain refund, and guarantees your client will re-order !

Vouchers can take the form of discount codes or giftcards, depending on the brand’s CMS and toolstack.

Stimulate repeat buying

Vouchers commit customers to spending their money within your e-shop.

Retain cash

Vouchers enable you to sidestep refunds while retaining the original order's funds.

Foster brand loyalty

Customers feel privileged with the bonus, fostering a sense of belonging.

Up to 40% of returns are re-converted into exchanges and vouchers with Elyn

Smart rules

Elyn’s voucher option is designed with the brands’ best interest in mind.

A given customer cannot request vouchers repeatedly thanks to Elyn’s workflows and rules to be decided by the brand.

Reduce refunds, boost revenue

Refunds can take a toll on your finances and affect your bottom line.

Our platform expands horizons by offering a plethora of refunds alternatives  such as exchanges and vouchers, empowering customers to discover solutions that align with their preferences while keeping revenue intact for your store.

By presenting data-driven alternatives, you can reduce the frequency of refunds and simultaneously boost your revenue.

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