M. Moustache

M. Moustache implements a game-changing return experience and saves 28% on refunds

"Elyn's innovative returns solution has revolutionized our returns experience, introducing unprecedented efficiency and elevating customer satisfaction. Their solution not only streamlines operations but also harmonizes flawlessly with our commitment to excellence in service." - Caroline Jacquet, E-Commerce Director, M. Moustache

refunds avoided by converting returns into exchanges & vouchers
decrease in return-related customer support tickets

M. Moustache, founded in 2012, is a footwear company created by 3 childhood friends: Guillaume Alcan, Antoine Vigneron and Thibault Repelin. They envisioned footwear that would be suitable for work, a night out and for a trip to the countryside. The purpose was to create an elegant, unique and ecologically conscious product.

M. Moustache and Elyn worked together and laid out two priority goals to achieve with this partnership:

  • Elevate the returns experience
  • Lower refund costs

Addressing Returns Complexity

Sizing from one brand to another always differs slightly. One brand might have a tighter fit around the toes and others a larger area at the heels. Committing to footwear online can be stressful when you can’t actually experience the product, hence why M. Moustache was already offering free returns to all its customers. M. Moustache was already ahead of most brands, using a return platform that automated the refund process.

That being said, the sole outcome for returns were refunds. This is where Elyn stepped in, with an offer to start offering exchanges & vouchers to significantly reduce the refund rate, all the while improving the customer experience by ensuring each customer had options to fit every return reason.

Establishing Goals for Success

M Moustache’s priorities were three-fold: Customer experience, cash retention & return rates. From these two priority goals were derived:

  • Decrease the rate of refunds by converting returns into exchanges and vouchers
  • Decrease the number of customer return-related support tickets

With the seamless implementation of Elyn’s return management solution, customers were greeted with return options covering every situation: they could exchange products for a different size, different items with a different price, receive a voucher, or get a refund.

This implementation ensured customers always found their perfect match which drastically improved the overall customer experience. Simultaneously, M. Moustache was now converting refunds into sales that kept crucial revenue within their environment.

Implementing a robust returns management solution

M. Moustache opted to integrate all of Elyn’s return management solutions in order to maximise their return on investment. This meant implementing processes that could accommodate:

  • Inventory Management that could effectively reserve and track exchanges.
  • Accounting Methods that fit the brand’s current standards and practices while accurately reflecting P&L and Cash changes.
  • Voucher Generation that matched and worked on the same system and policies as the current gift cards & vouchers the brand was offering.

The cream of the crop in this process was implementing an exchange feature that would enable different-price exchanges. Elyn’s innovative processes enabled M. Moustache to use returns as an opportunity to upsell customers looking to make returns. Instead of simply exchanging for a different variant, the customer could now choose a completely different product, including a more expensive one. This meant that the brand was not only retaining revenue, but also increasing their revenues through different-priced exchanges.

Of course, this process was synced with the brand’s accounting methods and inventory management, assuring them that everything would be done automatically and that nothing went unaccounted for!

Seeing Results & Achieving Goals

Time saved, happy customers, more profits. These were the immediate effects felt by M. Moustache post implementation of Elyn’s return management solutions.

Adding these solutions led to a conversion of 28% of returns into exchanges, successfully retaining essential revenue within the M. Moustache ecosystem. This move drastically boosted cash retention and enhanced the brand's profitability.

The brand felt increased customer satisfaction indicated by a considerable reduction of -65% in the number of customer return-related support tickets. Customers who weren’t satisfied with their order were greeted with a suite of solutions catering to every possible reason. Through the return interface, they could effortlessly find the products they truly desired, reigniting the shopping excitement and capturing the initial rush of placing their order. This approach transformed returns into a refreshing shopping journey, enhancing customer satisfaction.

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