Gift Cards

Let your customers choose a gift card instead of a refund

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Gift Cards

Enable customers to select exchanges for store credit or gift cards.

Encourage customers to select store credit or gift cards by providing a bonus credit top up.

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Encourage repeat buying

Gift cards commit customers to future
spending in your store

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Retain cash

Gift cards enable you to sidestep refunds and
retain revenue

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Foster brand loyalty

Customers appreciate bonus top ups, fostering a sense of loyalty

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Up to 30% of returns are converted into exchanges and gift cards with Elyn

Unlimited rules

Use our unlimited workflows and rules to customize your gift card policy, based on location, customer segment, product type, resolution picked, and more.

The possibilities are endless.

Elyn SaaS preview
Elyn SaaS preview

Reduce refunds, boost revenue

Refunds can take a toll on your finances and affect your bottom line.

Our platform offers refund alternatives such as exchanges and gift cards, enabling customers to choose options that fit their shopping needs while retaining revenue for your store.

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