Online Exchanges

Enable your customers to make online exchanges, automated and synchronized to your CMS

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Automated Exchanges

Make exchanges as easy as a refund with the Elyn-powered Return Interface.

Your customers can request an exchange for another variant of the same product, or for another product entirely, even for items with a different price.

The customer is fully autonomous in their request, which is automatically synced to your entire tech stack.

Providing exchanges enables our partner brands to lower their refund rate up to -40%. Elyn automates every aspect of the return process, even the more intricate cases, allowing your team to focus on providing personalized support for those special customer requests.

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“More and more of our customers wanted to be able to exchange items ordered online. Our system didn't allow us to handle exchanges at the time... Since we implemented Elyn, 30% of our returns are now exchanges!”

Gwendoline Vieira
CDO of Vanessa Wu

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“Elyn has revolutionized the way Hindbag manages customer returns. The process is fully automated, and we have access to comprehensive data and analysis on our returns... Since we implemented Elyn, 41% of our returns are now exchanges!”

Guillaume Brissaud
Logistics Responsible of Hindbag

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“We have always done exchanges, but it was a manual job. The complexity was in reserving the stock: we had to do it manually, which made us lose a lot of time, and often the stock was no longer available.... Since we implemented Elyn, 25% of our returns are now exchanges!”

Juliette Petit
Co-Founder of Nénés Paris

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Turn returns into exchanges

Help your customers easily request for an exchange, instead of asking them to return and reorder.

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Seamless user experience

Make the return experience as enjoyable as the shopping experience

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Define your exchange policy

Elyn enables brands to personalise every aspect of their exchane policy: free or paid returns, custom trial period, return label fees, policy per country...

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Up to 40% of returns are reconverted to exchanges with Elyn: lower your refund costs now !

Help your customers get the perfect fit effortlessly.

More than 60% of returns are size-related returns. Providing exchanges enables your customers to get the perfect fit without the hassle of having to re-order.

Your customers can exchange their item for a different size or color with a few clicks.

Elyn also enables your customers to request an exchange for a different product, even at a different price.

Elyn SaaS preview
Elyn SaaS preview

Exchanges with Elyn are fully synced with your entire tech stack, from your CMS to your Logistician or WMS.

Elyn SaaS preview

Allow more than classic exchanges

Elyn enables your customer to request an exchange for a different product by browsing a custom catalog directly in the interface.

Your customer can even make an exchange for an item that is more expensive, allowing brands to make online Upsells.

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