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Solving The Bradery’s logistical troubles with returns management

“Elyn completely revamped our returns process and solved logistical problems that were giving us problems for a while. It’s great to now have an effective platform that automates that process, keeps our customers happy and even retains our revenue on returns.” Edouard Caraco, Co-Founder

The Bradery
Tech Stack
reduction in refunds by introducing vouchers
decrease in return-related customer support tickets
reduction in time spent handling returns

The Bradery was founded in 2018 by Edouard Caraco and Timothée Linyer. The marketplace brand has quickly become an e-commerce powerhouse offering daily private sales with significant reductions on name brands. The brand takes hand-picked overstock from their list of carefully curated partners and organizes flash sales on their website with appealing discounts.

Addressing Marketplace Returns Complexity

Marketplace logistics are particularly complex, requiring synchronization between both the marketplace and the brands’ warehouses.

Post-purchase, a large proportion of The Bradery’s returns were shipped to their warehouse, which then made another shipment back to their partner brands’ warehouses.

Not only was this returns process very time-consuming, but generating two return labels for a single return was starting to become a financial liability. Furthermore, this back-and-forth required to block inventory for extensive periods of time, which was problematic for partner brands.

Lastly, The Bradery was running multiple online return portals as a result of working with many different brands. This made the return process even more complicated.

Establishing Goals for Success

Based on the The Bradery’s key pain points, Elyn helped draft 4 goals that would alleviate their struggle with their existing return management system:

  1. Automate the returns process
  2. Congregate all return portals (for different brands) into a unified one
  3. Decrease the cost of returns for The Bradery
  4. Decrease the refund rate on returned items

The Bradery chose to partner up with Elyn to achieve these objectives to ensure customers could enjoy an easy and automated online returns process, increasing customer satisfaction and drastically reducing the operational burden of returns for the brand, all while optimizing return economics for the marketplace.

Implementing a robust returns management solution

The Bradery wanted a solution that put customer experience first while solving operational challenges. Elyn’s solution achieved just that - implementing the most robust return management platform available and solving operational challenges in the most plug-and-play way possible.

Thanks to Elyn’s extensive connectivity with e-commerce tools, the implementation was fast and easy, synchronising with inventory, accounting systems, voucher generation, and customer emailing tools, significantly reducing return-related queries and time spent by the support team.

Overall, the solution enabled The Bradery to have a more hands-off approach to a complex returns process handling.

In just a few weeks, the interface was integrated and the results were immediately apparent.

Achieving Key Goals

1. Automated the returns process: The new portal now allows clients to be fully autonomous, drastically reducing operational burden and made evident by the -55% reduction of return-related customer support tickets.

2. Congregated all return portals: The new portal ensures all customers are getting the same luxury-grade return journey making things much simpler for customer support and logistics, leading to a -45% decrease in time spent handling returns.

3. Decreased cost of returns: The Bradery no longer has to make double shipments to finalize a return as returns are sent to the brand or directly to The Bradery’s warehouse.

4. Decreased refund rates: Elyn’s solution led to a -8% decrease in refunds by converting refunds into vouchers, effectively keeping crucial revenue within The Bradery and improving the brand’s profitability.

With Elyn’s implementation, The Bradery streamlined its returns but also positioned itself to sustainably scale. With this implementation, The Bradery can be sure that with increased volume, they will not be sacrificing quality when it comes to their post-purchase experience.

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