Angarde cuts online refunds by 39%

“We were a footwear company experiencing a high online refund rate, and Elyn changed this. Today, a large amount of return requests convert into exchanges and we ensure our customers are satisfied.” Alexandre Suermondt, Co-Founder, Angarde.

refund rate decrease
decrease in return-related CS tickets

Angarde was founded by a brother-sister duo with the initial goal of reinventing the espadrille - a quintessential shoe found in the Basque Country. From here, they expanded into creating home-wear that is comfortable, stylish and eco-friendly.

The Cost of Manual Online Returns

Like with many other footwear brands, sizing issues were a common return reason at Angarde.

Since the company was refunding all online returns, this cost the brand considerable revenue on top of the work of manually processing all requests for refunds.

A manual returns process also meant that the brand would not be able to scale effectively.

Establishing Goals for Success

We selected 3 goals for success based on Angarde's key pain points:

  • automate the returns process
  • implement variant and different-price exchanges
  • collect return reasons in real-time so the company can provide sizing guidelines online

The Results?

Angarde saw its online refund rate drop by 39% in the first month, since customers were able to choose exchanges or store credit instead of refunds.

Elyn’s solution also increased customer experience and satisfaction, and Angarde saw its return-related CS tickets drop by 55%.

And, because the team could now track their real-time return reasons down to the product SKU, the brand was able to identify which shoes were getting returned and why, and reacted on their product detail pages so customers could make informed purchasing decisions.

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