Angarde cuts its refunds by 39%

“As a footwear company who was experiencing a high return rate, Elyn helped revolutionise the way we handle returns. Today, we’ve been able to convert a large amount of return requests into exchanges and ensure our customers are satisfied!” Alexandre Suermondt, Co-Founder, Angarde

decrease in refund rate by converting returns into exchanges and vouchers
decrease in return-related customer support tickets

Angarde was founded by a brother-sister duo with the initial goal of reinventing the espadrille - a quintessential shoe found in the Basque Country, where the two had their family reunions. This ambition developed into creating home-wear that is comfortable, stylish and ecologically conscious.

Dealing with return complexities and cost

Before Elyn’s implementation, Angarde was exclusively a footwear company. Like many other footwear brands, sizing issues were common. Given that the only possible outcome for a return was a refund, it meant that every single return was being refunded, costing the brand considerable revenue on top of manual processing of requests & refunds.

Elyn stepped in to offer its returns management solution to help drastically lower returns by offering customers online exchanges as an alternative to refunds.

Adapting a solution to increase the bottom line

Angarde’s major return reason was sizing, by far. So, they opted to implement Elyn’s exchange system that would allow customers to exchange an item to fit any scenario: for a different variant (e.g. size) or, for an entirely different item, even with a different price tag. In addition, the brand was looking for a solution that could help collect return reasons automatically to help them refine sizing and better guide customers to choosing the right size.

Thanks to Elyn’s advanced inventory management system, the implementation of the solution into Angarde’s tech stack and tools was seamless. Within just a few weeks, Elyn’s return portal was deployed and quantifiable results were instantaneous.

Fast results & happy customers

Quickly after the implementation of exchanges as a return option, Angarde saw its rate of refunds fall by -39%. Major revenue that would’ve been lost to refunds is now being kept within the company through exchanges.

On top of this massive financial impact, Elyn’s solution also increased customer experience and satisfaction. This was clearly depicted when Angarde saw its return-related customer support tickets drop -55%.

Lastly, thanks to the real-time return reasons dashboard provided by Elyn, the brand was able to effortlessly identify the main reasons why their products were getting returned and have quick feedback loops with production.

Thanks to Elyn’s automated return & exchange process, Angarde reached their goals of:

  1. Reducing the amount of cash lost on refunds
  2. Increasing customer satisfaction by ensuring all customers easily get the product they want

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