Balibaris enhances its return experience with Elyn

"Elyn's solutions have transformed our returns and exchanges system, bringing a new level of efficiency, customer satisfaction and cash retention. Their approach not only simplifies these processes but also aligns seamlessly with Balibaris' dedication to superior service." - Dorian Candavoine, Digital & Omnichannel Director, Balibaris.

revenue saved by converting returns into exchanges and vouchers
decrease in return-related customer complaints

Balibaris, founded in 2010 by Paul Szczerba, is a fashion house dedicated to creating men’s clothing that is timeless. With design inspirations from retro-modern aesthetics, Balibaris is a Parisian go-to for menswear.

Balibaris and Elyn teamed up with two goals in mind: to provide Balibaris’ customers with a smooth return and exchange experience as well as increase revenue retention.

The Challenge of managing Returns

Balibaris was already ahead of other brands when it came to returns management. The brand had implemented a returns process that included the possibility of returns for vouchers instead of refunds. This meant they already had a cash retention tool for returns, though, a minor one. The operational complexities of implementing additional avenues for returns, like exchanges, meant that they were missing out massively on additional cash retention. This is where Elyn’s expertise stepped in.

Visualizing Success in Returns Management

Before starting our collaboration with Balibaris, Elyn took the time to get to know what both the brand and their customers were looking for. By identifying these key areas, we were able to shape the vision and direction needed for Elyn’s return interface. The main objectives for Balibaris included:

  • Improve overall customer satisfaction
  • Automate the returns process
  • Increase profit margins through cash retention

With these goals in mind, Elyn seamlessly integrated its return management solution into Balibaris’ return process.

This introduced flexible options for product exchanges to:

  • Fit any scenario of customers making a return: allowing exchanges across different variants, sizes, and even price points.
  • Speed up the process: by introducing the Instant Exchange mechanism where customers can get their exchanged item right away, before even returning the original item.

This radical change not only streamlined the brand’s return process but also redefined the shopping experience for Balibaris' customers, ensuring they always found the perfect match for their fashion needs.

For Balibaris, this meant that they had a multitude of options to provide customers with before issuing a refund; a perfect combination of improving the customer experience and the brand’s profit margin.

Fitting Solutions to Unique Challenges: Ease in Complexities

Elyn understood that, just like any other brand, Balibaris had their own needs and requirements when it came to returns management. The brand wanted a solution that put customers first. This was exemplified by offering customers the most robust return options available in today’s market.

Elyn easily accommodated these needs and enabled the brand to select solutions that would help them generate the most value. This helped ensure that after a purchase, all customer needs were met, in all possible scenarios where a product didn’t convene them.

Thanks to Elyn’s wide network of integrators and compatibility with e-commerce tech tools, implementation was a walk in the park. This allowed the team to focus on other day-to-day responsibilities while Elyn worked on implementing the new, automated & autonomous return interface.

The Impact of Transformation: Meeting Goals

Elyn’s returns interface enabled transforming costly refunds into profit. The impact was immediate and felt over two verticals: increased customer satisfaction and increased cash retention.

Balibaris saw an increase in customer satisfaction by witnessing a reduction of -50% in return-related customer support tickets. Customers were suddenly offered solutions that would fit any need. The return interface enabled exchanges that helped customers find the products they truly wanted, and gave them the rush and excitement of a new purchase.

Adding these solutions resulted in 27% of returns being converted into exchanges, effectively retaining crucial revenue for Balibaris.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce refunds while providing an exceptional post-purchase experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

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