Balibaris adds Instant Exchanges and saves 27% of refunds

"Elyn's portal transformed our online returns and exchanges, bringing a new level of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cash retention. Their approach also aligned seamlessly with our dedication to superior service." - Dorian Candavoine, Digital & Omnichannel Director, Balibaris.

refund rate decrease
decrease in return-related customer complaints

Founded in 2010 by Paul Szczerba, Balibaris is a fashion house dedicated to creating timeless men's clothing. With design inspirations from retro-modern aesthetics, Balibaris is a French go-to for menswear.

The Challenge of Online Returns

Balibaris was already ahead of other brands when it came to online returns management because they had the ability to offer store credit instead of refunds.

However, for technical reasons, they were unable to offer online exchanges, and were thus missing out on additional cash retention.

Establishing Goals for Success

We selected 4 goals for success based on Balibaris's key pain points:

  • Provide automated online exchanges for different variants and products, regardless of price
  • Provide Instant Exchanges, so customers can get the new item before returning the first item
  • Increase profit margins through cash retention
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction

6 Weeks to Go Live

With Elyn, Balibaris was able to go live in 6 weeks.

We’re able to integrate with any e-commerce tools and carriers, whether multi-national or local, with return policies based on location and other criteria.

The Results?

The impact was immediate over two verticals: customer satisfaction and cash retention:

  • a 50% decrease in return-related CS tickets
  • a 27% reduction in refunds

Balibaris customers were now able to select Instant Exchanges at checkout, which meant immediate shipment of the new product, without waiting for return package processing at the warehouse.

In addition, Balibaris could create unlimited workflows and design tailored return policies based on location, customer segment, product type, resolution picked, and more.

We not only streamlined the brand’s online returns process but also redefined the shopping experience for Balibaris' customers, ensuring they always found the perfect match for their fashion needs.

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