Smoon x Elyn: Pioneering Smart Exchanges in Menstrual Lingerie

“I’m committed to making menstrual wear shopping stress-free and joyful. Partnering with Elyn has been a game changer, ensuring every customer can enjoy an effortless and satisfying experience with us.” Mathilde Houset, Smoon Founder

Tech Stack
decrease in refunds by converting returns into exchanges
decrease in return-related customer support tickets

Smoon was established in 2019 by Mathilde Houset shortly after the birth of her daughter. Mathilde felt there hadn’t been enough innovation in the women’s sanitary protection and maternity wear sector. She set out to create underwear that was ultra-performing, comfortable and respectful to our health and our planet.

The Smoon x Elyn collaboration focused on reducing refunds and enhancing the post-purchase online experience.

Handling Returns: an operational burden & a cost center

Before Elyn's intervention, Smoon grappled with a complex return process. The system, offering only refunds, was difficult to navigate, sometimes causing frustration among customers who wanted flexibility and ease. This occasionally put a strain on customer relations but also placed a heavy operational burden on Smoon, taking up human and financial resources to process returns. More crucially, this system meant Smoon was refunding the vast majority of refunds.

The Smoon x Elyn collaboration aimed to reduce frustrations for women looking for comfortable menstrual wear while helping Smoon retain cash and focus on more important day-to-day activities.

Alleviating customer care burden

Recognizing the need for a change, Smoon explored Elyn's services that resonated with their brand needs and customer expectations. The collaboration allowed Smoon to introduce more flexible return options, including Instant Exchanges and automated vouchers, aimed at enhancing the shopping experience for its customers. This strategic choice promised to align with Smoon's commitment to customer care and adaptability in a dynamic e-commerce landscape. As a result, Smoon saw its incidence of customer support tickets decrease by -55%.

This impressive decrease in customer support tickets meant that Smoon’s team had more time to address more pressing customer concerns, improve the customer experience and consequently increase brand loyalty.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction while retaining cash

The results of implementing Elyn's solutions were immediately tangible. Smoon observed a whopping -42% decrease in refunds, thanks to automated exchanges and vouchers.

The Smoon x Elyn collaboration is a testament to the power of Elyn’s services to help brands reduce refund costs and improve their returns experience. This partnership not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also helped elevate Smoon’s post purchase experience to new heights, while retaining considerable revenue.

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