SMOON pioneers online exchanges in menstrual lingerie

“I’m committed to making menstrual-wear shopping stress-free and joyful. Partnering with Elyn means every customer can have an effortless and satisfying experience with us.” Mathilde Houset, Smoon Founder

Tech Stack
decrease in online refunds
decrease in return-related CS tickets

Smoon was established in 2019 by Mathilde Houset shortly after the birth of her daughter. Mathilde felt that the women’s sanitary protection and maternity-wear sectors needed innovation, and set out to create underwear that was ultra-performing, comfortable and respectful to our health and planet.

Blind Returns and Customer Frustration

Smoon grappled with a manual returns process, including blind returns. The process was sometimes difficult for customers to navigate, causing frustration among those who expected flexibility and ease.

This occasionally put a strain on customer relations, and also placed a heavy operational burden on Smoon, taking up human and financial resources.

Most importantly, this system meant Smoon was refunding the vast majority of returns.

Establishing Goals for Success

We selected 3 goals for success based on Smoon's key pain points:

  • introduce flexible return options, including Instant Exchanges and store credit
  • enhance the shopping experience for customers
  • automate the majority of returns, with manual intervention only for escalated tickets

These strategic choices promised to align with Smoon's commitment to customer care and adaptability in a dynamic e-commerce landscape.

The Result?

As a result, Smoon saw its incidence of customer support tickets decrease by 55%.

Smoon also saw a 42% decrease in refunds in the first four weeks, thanks to automated exchanges and store credit options. Customers were able to choose Instant Exchanges at checkout, and receive their new item in two days, without waiting for the return to process at the warehouse.

With Elyn, Smoon also unlocked the ability to understand and react to online returns by modifying product detail pages and to reward their very best customers.

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