Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe implements Instant Exchanges and a luxury returns experience

"Elyn's Instant Exchanges elevated our overall customer experience, aligning perfectly with the Paul & Joe ethos." - Paul Albou, Owner, Paul & Joe.

decrease in online refunds
points in returns NPS
decrease in returns-related complaints

Paul & Joe is a fashion house founded in 1995 by French designer and entrepreneur Sophie Mechaly. The brand, named after Sophie’s two children, has its own lines of clothing, eyewear, and cosmetics. The Paul & Joe identity is a balance of "preppy and pretty" that suits both men and women.

Luxury Expectations Meet Operational Realities

Paul & Joe faced operational challenges in their online returns process. Their existing process was manual, and as the business grew, the company saw the number of customer support tickets increase. The care team was struggling to deliver the level of service their customers expected, and Paul & Joe wanted to stand out with Elyn.

Establishing Goals for Success

We selected 4 goals for success based on Paul & Joe's key pain points:

  • automate the online returns process
  • offer Instant Exchanges, for variants (size, color) as well as different price products
  • reduce the number of CS tickets related to online returns
  • provide an elegant and premium returns experience

Because Elyn's portal is customizable, Paul & Joe would be able to use their brand images, fonts, logos, and tone of voice throughout to keep their customers within their brand universe.

The Results?

The results were immediate and impactful. Returns NPS increased by 10 points as customers expressed high satisfaction with the new returns process and Instant Exchange option, which resonated with the luxury service they expected from Paul & Joe.

The brand not only saw improved operational efficiency but also strengthened customer loyalty, crucial in the competitive luxury market.

Today, Paul & Joe retains up to 31% of revenue that would have otherwise been lost to refunds.

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