Maison Labiche

Maison Labiche turns expensive returns into a profitable revenue stream

“Elyn helped us increase customer satisfaction while saving us cash that would’ve been lost to returns. They have revolutionised our post-purchase experience!” Jean-Baptiste Richard, Co-Founder, Maison Labiche

Maison Labiche
Tech Stack
decrease in refund rate by converting returns into exchanges and vouchers
decrease in return-related customer support tickets

Maison Labiche is a Parisian fashion house founded in 2011. The brand started with an ambition to make the perfect white t-shirt. That t-shirt is still being sold to this day, barely modified. This philosophy has shaped the brand’s ethos in clothes-making: creating pieces that are timeless and that do not need to be modified.

Navigating expensive and complex returns

Maison Labiche faced a challenge in processing online returns: the brand was providing free returns to ensure the best customer experience but was refunding the vast majority of returns. On top of that, the process of managing manual returns was very time-consuming.

Elyn helped by providing a returns management solution that would automate the process and turn this cost center into profit.

Transforming a cost center into a profitable revenue stream

Maison Labiche was providing great-post purchase customer service by offering free returns - but, this meant the brand was refunding almost every return that came in.

Implementing Elyn’s solution within Maison Labiche’s returns process meant introducing return options that would fit any scenario: exchanges for different variants, products of different prices, vouchers, or a refund.

Elyn’s priority was to reduce the brand’s rate of refunds to help retain crucial revenue.

Finding impactful results, efficiently

Elyn’s solution was implemented within 2 weeks, thanks to the solution’s integrations with e-commerce tools. Once implemented, the results were immediate and impactful.

Maison Labiche saw its rate of refunds drop by -34% by converting returns into exchanges. Elyn's approach turned returns into opportunities, transforming a major cost center into a profitable revenue stream by encouraging upsells to higher-priced products.

On top of increasing the brand’s bottom line, Elyn helped improve customer satisfaction as depicted by the -40% drop in the number of return-related customer support tickets.

Looking back, Elyn solved 2 very crucial challenges Maison Labiche was facing: costly refunds and a loaded customer support responsibility. By implementing Elyn’s solution, the refund rate has dropped and the customer experience improved.

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