Lafaurie reduces its refund rate by 36%

“In our effort to optimize our customer experience, implementing Elyn’s solution was an obvious choice. They’ve helped us increase our bottom line while keeping our customers happy.” Pablo Lafaurie, Owner.

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refund rate decrease
reduction in returns-related CS tickets

Lafaurie is a family-owned French fashion brand founded in 1991 by Pierre Lafaurie, who wanted to make classic clothes with a colorful twist. The brand experienced a renaissance after Pierre's children took the helm and revitalized the brand's designs and colors.

Manual and Expensive Returns

Lafaurie was refunding every single online return, resulting in revenue losses. The brand offered free online returns, and was facing issues with customers ordering multiple sizes to try on at home.

All of their online returns were being processed manually by their support agents, which meant the process was very tedious and time-consuming.

Establishing Goals for Success

We selected 4 goals for success based on Lafaurie's key pain points:

  • offer customers online exchanges for different sizes, colors, and products, regardless of price
  • offer exchanges for gift cards and store credit
  • provide a fully automated, self-service returns portal
  • ensure that the post-purchase process is as smooth as possible

The Result?

Integration was completed in 2 weeks, and within a month, Lafaurie’s refund rate had dropped by 36%. The brand also saw a 65% decrease in the number of return-related customer support tickets.

What's more, with our analytics dashboards, Lafaurie could track real-time returns data, down to the SKU level. They were easily able to identify which items had the highest return rate and why.

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