Lafaurie’s success story in reducing its refund rate by -36%

“In our efforts to optimize our customer experience, implementing Elyn’s solution was a no-brainer. They’ve helped us increase our bottom line while keeping customers happy. This was truly a game-changer for our brand.” Pablo Lafaurie, Owner.

Tech Stack
decrease in refund rate by converting returns into exchanges and vouchers
decrease in return-related customer complaints

Lafaurie is a family-owned and ran Parisian fashion brand founded in 1991. Founder Pierre Lafaurie, had ambitions to make classic clothes with a colorful twist. When the company got passed down to his children, the brand experienced a renaissance which revitalised the designs and colors used.

Manual and expensive returns

Lafaurie was already offering a great customer experience by offering free returns. That being said, the only option for a return was a refund. This meant that Lafaurie was refunding every single return, resulting in revenue losses that could’ve been avoided with Elyn.

Elyn stepped in with a solution: automate the online return process, while offering online exchanges and vouchers, to drastically reduce refunds while offering satisfactory return options to customers.

Introducing a new returns management solution

Lafaurie takes pride in its customer experience and ensures that the post-purchase process is as smooth as possible. The steps to make a return, though, posed a challenge in providing the brand’s desired level of customer experience quality.

By implementing Elyn’s return management solution, Lafaurie now offers its customers return options to satisfy any scenario. Instead of simply returning for a refund, a customer can now choose to exchange their purchase for a different size, color, an entirely different product, even at a different price point or even a voucher.

Any of those options are entirely automated, and the customers are fully autonomous in choosing the perfect outcome for their return.

Instant profitability Impacts

Thanks to Elyn’s wide connectivity to e-commerce tools, the integration was undergone in 2 weeks. The quick turn around was also reflected in how quickly Lafaurie’s refund rate dropped.

By offering exchanges and vouchers, Lafaurie saw its refund rate drop by -36%, drastically lowering painful costs for the brand.

Furthermore, introducing these new options meant that customers were now getting the items they wanted easily, regardless of the situation they found themselves in. This was evident as the brand saw a -65% drop in the number of return-related customer support tickets.

All in all, Elyn helped Lafaurie reach 2 crucial goals to solve its key pain points with returns management:

  • Elyn enabled Lafaurie to claw-back crucial revenue by introducing exchanges and vouchers.
  • Implementing the returns management solution improved customer experience with a smooth and easy post-purchase process.

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