How Hindbag redefined Returns Management with Elyn

"Elyn has revolutionized the way Hindbag handles customer returns. The process is fully automated, and we have access to detailed data & analyses on our returns." Guillaume Brissaud, Logistics Manager

Refunds Avoided by Converting Returns into Exchanges
Processing Time Addressing Customer Return Related Request

Hindbag is a trendy and ethical fashion accessories brand, distinguished by its commitment to women's empowerment in India. Their products are made by women from disadvantaged neighborhoods who are trained in sewing and fairly paid.

The Hindbag team turned to Elyn to solve an internal challenge concerning manual and time-consuming return management.

The Challenges of Managing Returns Before Elyn

Before implementing Elyn, Hindbag's support team spent considerable time processing returns manually: multiple email threads, manual order entries, manual refunds, constant need for synchronization with logistics...

This process, which is typical for most brands, implies a lack of visibility on crucial return data (reasons for returns, practicality of products, relevance of photos, etc.).

Finally, even though Hindbag offered (manual) exchanges, the proportion of returns being effectuated as exchanges was only 15%, implying that 85% ended up in refunds.

A Powerful Tool for Cash Retention

Since implementing Elyn’s Return Portal, Hindbag has reduced its refund rate by -41%, thanks to automated exchanges and vouchers.

Elyn's return interface is a powerful tool for cash retention for the brand. In addition to providing a smooth and easy customer experience, customers can easily make an exchange for the product that suits them best, autonomously and online.

Automating Returns with Elyn

Elyn enabled Hindbag to implement an automated Return Interface, allowing customers to perform a refund, store credit, or exchange online.

The solution has transformed return management into a minimal task, requiring only a third of the time previously dedicated to it!

Exchanges, refunds, and credits are now fully automated, customer tickets significantly reduced, and the Hindbag team can focus on higher value-added tasks.

Analyzing Returns with Elyn

Elyn's return management module also provides access to a return analysis tool. Elyn's analyses have given Hindbag a comprehensive real-time view of the reasons for returns, allowing them to quickly respond to communication and product manufacturing.

"Elyn's analysis tool is a real goldmine of information for us," according to Guillaume Brissaud, logistics manager at Hindbag.

Feel free to contact our team if you want to reduce your refunds and automate your return management!"

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Discover why leading brands trust Elyn for returns excellence.