Nénés Paris reduces refund costs by 32% with Elyn

“Elyn proved that mindful operations can lead to significant business advantages. The implementation of Elyn’s returns management solution helped our clients get the products they needed while helping us retain crucial revenue” - Juliette Petit, Nénés Co-Founder

Tech Stack
decrease in refund rate by converting returns into exchanges and vouchers
decrease in return-related customer support tickets

Nénés was founded in 2018 with the goal of creating lingerie and swimwear with the lowest environmental impact possible. The brand was founded by Juliette Petit & Margot Dargegen who deeply believe that individual actions have big environmental impacts.

Elyn and Nénés’ collaboration aimed to minimize both financial expenditure and environmental impact associated with product returns. This was achieved by offering customers online exchanges and vouchers, thereby reducing refunds.

The environmental and financial impact of returns

Before Elyn, Nénés was refunding nearly all of its returns and spending vast human resources on facilitating manual returns. On top of that, the brand had a growing concern of the environmental damage this return process might be causing.

On the customer’s side, they were faced with a difficult-to-use and time-consuming returns process that left some unsatisfied with their post-purchase experience. Nénés decided it was time for a change and introduced Elyn’s Returns Interface to improve their post-purchase experience, retain cash spent on returns and reduce the carbon footprint of said returns.

Adapting Elyn’s solution to fit Nénés’ needs

Elyn’s implementation was used as a funnel to mitigate all of these constraints. Introducing automated exchanges and voucher generation would ease the complex operations that come with processing returns. These services quickly helped the brand reduce the amount of customer support return-related tickets by -45%.

Furthermore, Elyn’s integration with the brand’s tech stack provided Nénés with real-time granular data on return reasons. This helped the brand give customers pre-purchase documentation on sizing & fit to help reduce returns, reducing Nénés’ return rate and carbon footprint right from the source.

Instant Results

4 weeks after implementing Elyn’s solution, Nénés was able to retain up to 32% of the cash it would’ve otherwise spent on refunds.

Thanks to Elyn’s automated return & exchange process, the teams at Nénés were able to refocus their energy on creating products their customers love.

Implementing Elyn has helped Nénés reach their goals:

  1. Drastically reduce spending on refunds
  2. Reduce carbon footprint on returns
  3. Increase customer satisfaction by offering alternatives to refunds

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